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First Edition - July 21, 2006

Microsoft Buys Winternals Software

Winternals, one of the leading designers and providers of disaster recovery tools known to Windows computers has been sold to Microsoft.  Without judging the impact of this on the quality of the support or the software itself, this may be a good thing for users of the software.  Microsoft has been buying a large number of companies and adding functionality to their tools.  Below is the email I received recently.

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft has acquired Winternals Software LP. Winternals is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft.

Winternals believe that by joining with Microsoft we can deliver to our customers the key values of availability, security, and compliance of the Microsoft infrastructure with greater effectiveness than ever before. This acquisition will provide Microsoft with exceptional technological expertise and uniquely powerful technologies.

Microsoft is currently finalizing plans on how to integrate Winternals and Microsoft technologies to best serve customers. Microsoft and Winternals intend to honor all existing commitments and continue to provide outstanding customer service and support. Your Product Assurance contract (XXXXX) will expire on October 31, 2006, however, telephone and email support will be available to you through December 31, 2006. Please continue to work with your Winternals contact or Winternals Edge Partner to meet your current needs and address any specific concerns. Winternals support numbers and email contacts remain unchanged.

We encourage you to review the Frequently Asked Questions recently posted at to answer questions regarding this acquisition and what it means to you. We deeply appreciate the long-standing, dedicated support we’ve received from our customers.


Mark Russinovich
Chief Software Architect
Co-Founder, Winternals

Bryce Cogswell
Chief Technical Officer
Co-Founder, Winternals

Edwin Brasch
President and CEO