This is how Stone Tablets Consulting services can work to to meet your growing business needs:

Project Consulting and Management




Problem Solving

Technical Assistance

How It's Done

Formed in 2005, Stone Tablets Consulting noted that the market needed more than just good computer and network service.  It needs service that can predict the needs of the business and rise to the occasion, identify issues, and provide remedies before the business sees a problem or interruption of service.

Stone Tablets Consulting seeks to rise and meet the needs of those that want more than an average experience from their solution providers, by providing consulting services that begin with your business success not just in mind, but also as the guiding principle for decision-making.

Stone Tablets Consulting's goals are to work with your existing system of vendors and suppliers to provide an effective systematic, out of the box approach to solving your business and technology issues.  It is not necessary to leave your current provider if you just want a fresh pair of eyes on an issue.

If your business is looking for a new vendor, Stone Tablets Consulting can help here too.  We offer a wide range of solutions to meet your daily needs.

It is NEVER not our problem -

It is our goal to save you money on your technology needs.  Because of this, Stone Tablets Consulting will usually not sell you hardware or software, what we will do is the legwork to find the best prices from the most reliable vendors.  Even though your existing or new hardware may not come from Stone Tablets Consulting, we will never tell you to call the vendor for warranty work or support. 

If there is a problem that needs a third party's involvement Stone Tablets Consulting will do it for you allowing you to spend the time on things more important to your business.

We will never encourage you to buy overpriced or unneeded equipment or software when what you have will work.  We will balance our recommendations to ensure that your money is spent in the wisest of uses to ensure that you get the most for your dollar.  Your money and time is hard to come by and you want the best return on your investment. 

Stone Tablets Consulting understands this and is dedicated to making it happen.  We find happiness in your success!