Quick Facts

Introduction to Viruses

  1. What is a computer virus?
  2. What kind of files can spread viruses?
  3. How do viruses spread?
  4. What do viruses do to computers?
  5. Virus Hoaxes

The Importance of Back Ups

Defining the Value of Information Security

Artistic Value

It's the Principle that Counts

Value Squared

Reaching the CEO's

They Just Want to Run Their Business

Artistic Value

Security is an art. Good security satisfies the soul. Think about the "ahhs" and the "ooos" of the staff that knows a virus has been quarantined to a particular workstation thanks to the artistic expression of the geeks monitoring the IDS. Or the expression of the CEO who realizes he just proved his ex-Marketing Director did indeed violate the intellectual property clause of his employment contract. Or the relief of the user when the backup of that most important file is restored to the network.

Like any good art, Information Security is dynamic yet balanced. It has variety with unity. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. You can't just buy it and file it away, like insurance. You get to interact with it. Argue about it. Wonder about it. Comment that it's in the mind of the beholder!

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