Quick Facts

Introduction to Viruses

  1. What is a computer virus?
  2. What kind of files can spread viruses?
  3. How do viruses spread?
  4. What do viruses do to computers?
  5. Virus Hoaxes

The Importance of Back Ups

Defining the Value of Information Security

Artistic Value

It's the Principle that Counts

Value Squared

Reaching the CEO's

They Just Want to Run Their Business

Reaching the CEO's

Of course all this is great rhetoric that doesn't help much when, after finally reaching the CEO, you're given the extension of the CSO or IT Manager. We have to reach the CEO as a first step. We have to get them to Security is a business principle. How we do that varies depending on the size of the company. According to Dr. Melissa J. Dark, Assistant Dean, Purdue University's School of Technology and Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems Technology, "Small and medium size businesses are really just getting to that 'they don't know what they don't know' phase of understanding Information Security and Assurance." In other words, small business owners are recognizing security as a big issue for the not-so-distant future. This is good news. Let's get them to realize it has more to do with sound business practice than 9/11.

Meanwhile, working with large companies requires working with the entire CxO team. It is imperative to speak to the entire board with one voice. "Getting CEO's to value security really a cultural change issue," says Steve Crutchley, CSO of 4FrontSecurity, Inc. "They need to understand that Information Security will provide flexibility and speed to respond to changing market conditions."

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